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CUNO Filtration

 CUNO Filtration

The CUNO Filtration system is an advanced design that is used to deliver high flow filter in a compact housing design. Optimizing both performance and effluent quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
Advantages of CUNO filters:

  • High Flow Capability
  • Compact Design
  • Ease of Use
  Product Overview

Depth Filter Cartridges

Betapure Series

Metal Filters

Cuno Metal Screen Filters replaces Micro-Screen series

Non Membrane Filters

Encapsulated Cartridge Filters

Sheet Filters

Zeta Plus HB Filter Sheets

HN Filter Sheets

Residential Filtration

Aqua-Pure Series

Aqua-Pure AP11T/101T/102T/141T House Water Filters

Aqua-Pure AP802 / AP802-1.5-C House Water Filters

Aqua-Pure AP110 / AP124 House Water Filters

Filter Housings

3M Housings CH Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings Brass CT Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings CT Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings DS Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings HC Series for 700 Series Filter Elements

3M Housings HF Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Coreline Housings- CH, CT, CT-Brass, DS, H, HC, HF, ME, IP, IW, WTC, WTB

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