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Filter cartridges are used for the clear filtration of liquids with low solids content up to a maximum of 0.1 percent by weight. Possible applications for filter cartridges range from particle separation through depth filter cartridges (BECO PROTECT) to sterile filtration and separation of micro-organisms via membrane filter cartridges (BECO Membrane). With separation limits between 100 µm and 0.2 µm, the BECO cartridge range covers a very broad spectrum of liquid filtration applications. Moreover, a variety of filter media and types are available. In addition to different filter lengths between 10" (25 cm) and 40" (100 cm), a variety of adapter types are available.

General Beco Cataloque

Pre-Filter Cartridges

Beco Protect PP

Beco Protect PB

Beco Protect XS

Beco Protect FS

Beco Protect PG

Beco Protect TS

Beco Protect KM

The main principle of membrane filtration is a sieving effect based on a size exclusion mechanism. Membrane filters may be thought of as a geometrically regular porous matrix. Particles are retained on the surface or within a given fraction of the membranes thickness. All microorganisms or particles larger than the pore size will be retained.               

Membrane Filter Cartridges                                            

Beco Membran H

Beco Membran PF Plus

Beco Membran PS Plus


Cartridge Housings

Beco Integra Cart KB Range

Beco Integra Cart KL0 Range

Beco Integra Cart KLAV Range

Beco Integra Cart K Range


Overview Beco Filters

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