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Hayward Accugaf & Lofclear filterbags* High Efficiency filterbags LOEFFER FILTRATION* GAF FILTER*

Accugaf * is manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene which provides the benefits of a clean, chemical resistant and silicone-free material in an economical, self-contained and easy -to dispose of- filter bag

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Product Datasheets;



Bag Nomenclature Chart

Nomenclature: AGF-53-E02E-O-10M

Product codes:

Accugaf filterbags Range Cover layer Filterbag size

(in inches)

Ring Type Round bottom Packaging

No. of bags/box Box Size

AGF 51 E= Mesh Cover 01= ø7" x 16"L 0.24m2 E= PP SENTINEL Ring O= Round bottom 01/02 10 M 480x310x360
AGF 53 02= ø7" x 32"L 0.48m2 03/04 10 S 440x300x150
AGF 55 03= ø4" x 8"L 0.08m2
AGF 57 04= ø4" x 14"L 0.16m2
AGF 59

- Lofclear * 100 filter bags

Nomenclature: LCR-123-T01-E-40L

Lofclear filterbags Micron rating Bag cover Bag size

(in millimeter)

Collar Packaging

bags/box box size

LCR 113/123 T-Spunbond cover 01= ø 180 x 435mm E-Polypropylene SENTINEL Ring

40 L

LCR 114/124 02= ø 180 x 810mm
LCR 115/125
LCR 116/126
LCR 118/128
LCR 119/129
LCR 130
LCR 135

Lofclear * 500 filterbags

Nomenclature: LCR-522-T02-Z-04L

Lofclear filterbags Micron rating Bag cover Bag size

(in millimeter)

Collar Packaging

bags/box box size

LCR 522 T-Spunbond cover 02= ø 180 x 810mm Z-Santoprene SENTINEL Ring

40 L

LCR 525
LCR 527
LCR 529

Overview AccuGaf

Lenntech can also help you with similar filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification.

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* HAYWARD Filterbags, LOEFFLER filtration and GAF Filter are registered trademarks of HAYWARD Filtration.
ACCUGAF, PROGAF and LOFCLEAR are registered brandnames of HAYWARD Filtration

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