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Lenn Filtration

Sediment Filter Cartridges

These cartridges are used for cold running water post-treatment to
remove suspended solids (sand, silt, rust, scale and other kinds of

Meltblown PP Cartridges

Lenn CF25101  10 inch

Lenn CF25105  10 inch

Lenn CF25110  10 inch

Lenn CF45105  10 inch

Lenn CF45202  20 inch

Lenn CF45205  20 inch

String Wound Cartridges

Lenn KP1     10, 20 inch

Lenn KP5      10, 20 inch

Lenn KP10    10, 20 inch

Lenn KP20    10, 20 inch

Lenn BB202   20 inch

Carbon Filter Cartridges

These cartridges remove hydrogen sulfide, iron, chlorine, chloramine, certain pesticides, petroleum products and sediment particles.
Filter material: Centaur (Calgon Carbon). It is a high quality bituminous granular activated carbon with catalytic properties.

These cartridges remove chlorine, organochlorines, pesticides, petroleum products and sediment particles.
Filter material: Granular activated carbon (coconut shell carbon) with argentiferous antibacterial component.

Calgon Carbon Cartridges

Lenn CENT4510   10 inch

Lenn CENT4520   20 inch

Activated Carbon Cartridges

Lenn KUD2510   10 inch

Lenn CHV2510   10 inch

Lenn KUD4510   10 inch

Lenn KUD4520   20 inch

Lenn KUS2510   10 inch

Lenn KUS4510   10 inch

Lenn KUS4520   20 inch

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