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About Lenntech 25 years in 2018!

About Lenntech – established in 1993

Lenntech is a vibrant and international company, situated nearby the technical university of Delft, the Netherlands. With an experienced team of sales, environmental, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers we can offer a wide variety of solutions for industries that require a specific water quality. Lenntech has provided water treatment & filtration solutions for all types of applications, from our standardized Lenntech products to industrial turnkey plants with a capacity up to 5000 m³/day. Our wide range of technologies and extended know-how in all water-related sectors will guarantee you a cost-efficient solution that will meet your water quality requirements.

Lenntech has a dedicated department for the after sales market. We can deliver spare parts for your equipment from all main manufacturers, from filters, membranes and resins to pumps and all other water treatment related products. This allows Lenntech’s team to support our clients with class A service in terms of quality and availability. During the last years our team served directly or through its partners’ network more than 140 Countries worldwide, positioning Lenntech as an international reference for water purification. Lenntech is committed to provide you with the best and most convenient solution available.

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References of Lenntech include the following companies/industries:

Shell Petrochemical /Refinery
Heineken Breweries
Nestlé Bottled water
Basell Chemistry
Universities Laboratory set-ups
Proctor & Gamble Baby tissues
DSM Pharmaceuticals
Frico Food industry
Local Governments Wastewater recycling
US Army Drinking water disinfection
Bestfood Food; Beverage
Cargill Food
Coca Cola Beverage
Saudi Chevron Petro / Refinery

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