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Water Treatment Plant Containerization

Lenntech supplies any type of water treatment in a containerized version. From desalination plants to emergency resonce units. Lenntech designs ready-to-use containerized desalination plants that can produce up to 1000 m3/day of drinking water from different sources and with varying salinities.

The desalination core process is reverse osmosis where semi-permeable membranes are used.

Why containerization?

Containerized plants have many advantages over built-in plant room installations:

  • Plug and play unit
  • Quick installation
  • Limited civil work (only container foundation)
  • Small foot print
  • Easy transportation
  • Mobile: useful for construction sites
  • Turnkey delivery: piping, cables, air conditioning

Proper container foundations

Containerization of a water treatment plant does not only include the supply of a container, it includes the complete installation of the plant:

  • Connected piping between equipment pumps, vessels, skids, tanks
  • Cabling and wiring of pumps and instrumentation inside the container to main control cabinet.



Inside view of a Lenntech Container
Containerized Reverse Osmosis Plants


Container equipment

We can deliver our systems in insulated (20 or 40 ft) containers. Containerization includes all piping and fittings connected, all cables and wires connected to instrument and control cabinet. This is a “plug and play” unit supply.

The container will be mounted with one side door, one inlet/oulet (terminal point), one roof hatch, one side door and floor drainage. A sun roof can be offered on request to limit the inside temperature in the container if extreme conditions have to be considered.

The container can be air cooled on request. The Airco is a split-unit and the outdoor part will be placed next to the container.

Each plant is fully 3D-design prior to construction. Chemcial room separated from main equipment room

The design of the water treatment plants is always custom made and is subject to modifications depending on the water quality.

Reverse Osmosis units often required pre-treatment for the following parameters:

  • Suspended solids
  • TOC, COD/BOD, hydrocarbons
  • Iron and manganese
  • Hardness

Lenntech provides all kinds of pre-treatment required before your RO, according to your water analysis and process requirements.

Plant Size / Standard container

Depending on the plant size, containerised plant in 20 or 40 ft container(s) are available

Seawater RO system with automatic fresh water flush.

Oil field (drink and process) water supply plant with degassing tower

Reverse osmosis plant (750l/h) with 18 m3 storage tank and hydrophore distribution system.

Easy plant loading and transportation due to containrisation

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