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Ununquadium - Uuq

Chemical properties of ununquadium - Health effects of ununquadium - Environmental effects of unuquadium

Atomic number 114
Atomic mass 289 g.mol -1
Electronegativity acoording to Pauling unknown
Density unknown
Melting point unknown
Boiling point unknown
Vanderwaals radius unknown
Ionic radius unknown
Isotopes unknown
Discovered Dubna (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) in Russia, jan 1999


It is expected to have properties similar to those of lead and tin. Ununquadium can be synthesized by bombarding plutonium 244 targets with calcium 48 heavy beams.


Ununquadium does not have any known application and little is known about it.

Ununquadium in the environment

Ununquadium does not occur naturally on the earth, it is entirely synthesized in laboratories.

Health effects of ununquadium

As it is so unstable, any amount formed would decompose to other elements so quickly that there’s no reason to study its effects on human health.

Environmental effects of ununquadium

Due to its extremely short half-life (about 21 seconds), there’s no reason for considering the effects of ununquadium in the environment.

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