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RO Membrane Cleaning

Reverse Osmosis membranes and other membrane systems need periodic cleaning and servicing. For optimal performance specific chemicals are required, depending on the cause of the pollution.

Scaling is concerned with the seclusion of suspended inorganic particles, such as calcium carbonate, barium sulfate and iron compounds.

Fouling is concerned with the seclusion of organic, colloidal and suspended particles. Bacteria and other microorganisms that decompose these particles will create substrates. As a consequence they will grow and develop further.

The processes that are mentioned above will cause a decrease in capacity and/or an increase of the pressure and, as a result, of the energy use.

It is very important to purify the membrane preventively. In many cases regular mild cleaning is better than cleaning periodically with an aggressive cleaning product. The membrane will than last longer.

Calcium carbonate scaling

Mainly occuring in hard water

Use our anti-scalant

Biofilm formation

Growth of micro organisms on the membrane

Apply our disinfectant

Iron deposits

Removal of iron containing deposits

Treat with our removal chemical

Organic deposits

Oil and organic deposits

Efficient treatment with our cleaning aid

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