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Millipore Ultra-filtration Membranes

Biomax PB membranes (Datasheet)

Biomax PB membranes are well suited for applications requiring high flux, low to moderate protein binding, and harsh chemical cleaning and/ or sanitization.

Ultracel PLC membranes

Ultracel PLC membranes are the membranes of choice for high-recovery purification. These void-free membranes combine ultra-low protein binding and low fouling with solvent resistance and superb mechanical strength.

Ultracel PL membranes

Ultracel PL membranes are ideal for the concentration and desalination of solutes especially when only small volumes or low concentrations are available. The membrane’s permeability is optimized for improved performance with high solute retention and higher flux levels.

Viresolve membranes

Virus contamination poses a threat to the safety of clinical compounds derived from recombinant or human plasma sources. Patented, composite Viresolve membranes provide reliable and consistent viral clearance.

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