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Trisep RO Membrane Elements

X-20 TM thin film composite membrane

X-20 TM is a proven low flow membrane, which features the unique poliamide-ures chemistry possessing a uniform composition throughout the membrane. The surface charge of the X-20 membrane minimizes fouling of organic elements and maximizes silica rejection, resulting in dramatically lower operating costs.

Advance chemistry
The Trisep X-20 TM is provided with amino surface functional group, neutral surface charge, fully aromatic polyamide-urea backbone, and a surface chemistry integral to polymer.


  • Decreased regeneration costs (up to 500%)
  • Decreased cleaning costs (up to 600%)
  • Increased membrane life (up to 3 times)
  • Decreased system downtime (up to 3 times)
  • Lower system maintenance costs (up to 3 times)
  • Increased flux rates (up to 20%)
  • Stable flux performance
  • Superior rejection of pesticides
  • Better cleaning results

Trisep X-20 TM offers a silica reduction up to 99.8%, a continuous chloramines tolerance up to 5 ppm, a high scaling and biological fouling resistance and stable performance over a broader pH range.

Field experience
Trisep has over 7 years of proven field experience with over 10.000 units sold worldwide.
Trisep membranes were successfully applied at:

  • Shell Oil Corp.
  • Lone Star power
  • Jones Station
  • Sony Corp.
  • Copesul (Brazil)
  • Envig (South Africa)
  • Nevada CoGen Association
  • Esmil (Europe)
  • WaterSolve
  • Duke power, Alan Station
  • Allied Signal
  • National Semiconductor
  • Purac, ND
  • Madras Refineries Ltd.

In all these application it proved an high biofouling reduction, an increase in silica rejection, slowing the membrane degeneration and increasing their life-time. This allowed to highly reduce operating costs.

Cost-Benefit analysis
A competitive comparison based on actual field experience in various applications shows that using X-20 membranes in an RO systems of 100 GPM with 2.000 TDS and 10 ppm of silica decreases the annual operating costs by 33%.
A cost-benefit analysis carried out for Hyundai Corp. in Korea shows that:

  • X-20 decreases cleaning time by over 7 times
  • X-20 saves annual cleaning chemical costs by 3.7 times
  • X-20 allows 66% savings on element replacement costs

NOTE: this analysis used data deriving from field RO experiences with MRL Madras Refinery India, Aramco Riyadh Refinery Saudi Arabia, Hyperion West Basin USA, and various other applications

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