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Toray Reverse Osmosis Elements

Toray membrane elements are divided in the following categories;

Brackish Water and Industrial Water RO Elements

Low pressure  Medium rejection 8"

Low pressure  Medium rejection 4"




Ultra Low pressure  Medium rejection 8"

Low Fouling Water RO Elements

Standard pressure High rejection 8"

Standard pressure High rejection 4"




Sea Water RO Elements

Standard pressure High rejection 8"

High pressure - High rejection 8"






Low pressure 8"

Energy saving 4"

Sea Water High Pressure RO Elements

High pressure 8"

High pressure 4"


Hot Water Sanitizable RO Elements

Standard pressure 4"

Low pressure 8"

Low pressure 4"

Toray Ultra Pure Water RO Elements

Standard pressure 8"

Low pressure 8"

Ultra Low pressure 8"


Standard pressure 4"

Standard pressure 4"



Toray Nano Filtration RO Elements

Standard pressure 8"

Standard pressure 4"

Cellulose Acetate Brackish, Industrial and Waste water RO Elements

Medium pressure 8"

Medium pressure 4"

Operation, Maintenance and Handling manual for Mebrane Elements

Lenntech can also help you with similar brackish or seawater filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification.

For RO design questions and engineering calculations and manuals or handbooks please contact us. Lenntech also supplies the reverse osmosis membranes from Knappe Composites, Dow Filmtec, Koch, Trisep, Phoenix, Ropur, Codeline, GE-Osmonics and Hydranautics. Lenntech the water purification manufacturer.

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