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Dowex ion exchange resins

 Ion Exchange Resins

Dowex Resin can be used in the following water treatment systems:

Softening, to soften the feed water to meet requirements for boiler feed water e.g.

Prodcution of Demiwater, Ultra pure water or deminerialized water.

Ion-specific treatment.

Dowex Resin

Condensate Polishing

Dowex Monosphere 650 C Replacing Dowex Monosphere 750 C
Dowex Monosphere 550 A Replacing Dowex Monosphere 700A
Dowex Monosphere 600 BB
Dowex Monosphere 650 HXC H Replaced by Amberjet 1600 (H)
Dowex Monosphere 750 C
Dowex MSA - 1 C
Dowex Marathon C 10 Replacing Dowex HCR-W2
Dowex HGR-W2 Na & H Replaced by Dowex Marathon C 10 (Na & H)
Dowex MSC-1 C (H) Replaced by Amberjet 2000 (H)
Dowex MSC-1 C (Cl) Replaced by Amberjet 9000 (OH)
Dowex Monosphere MP525C (H) Replaced by Amberjet 2000 (H)

Demi water

Dowex Marathon C Replacing Amberjet 1200
Dowex Marathon C 10 Replacing Amberjet IR122 Na
Dowex Marathon MSA Replacing Dowex MSA - 1 C
Dowex HCR - S Replacing Dowex HCR-S-D
Dowex Monosphere 600BB Replacing Ambersep 349 or 359
Dowex MAC - 3 Replacing Amberlite IRC 76
Dowex IF-59 Replaced by Amberlite RF-14
Dowex MWA-1 Replaced by Amberlite IRA96
Dowex MSA-1C Replaced by Dowex-Marathon-MSA
Dowex HCR-S D (H) Replaced by Dowex HCR-S (H)

Catalyse -Chemical Process

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