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Ion exchange (IX) resins are polymers that are capable of exchanging ions with ions in a solution that is passed through them.

Our world-class IX resins serve applications as diverse as industrial water softening, pharmaceutical formulations, sweetener purification, mining and more. Our IX resins come in a variety of chemical compositions, polymer structures, and particle sizes to meet current and developing industry needs and requirements.

Download Ion exchange and Reverse Osmosis engineering guide
Download Ion Exchange Resins Analysis Kit
Download Backwash Flow Rate Calculations
Download Biological Fouling Prevention
Download Liquid Separations
Download Equilibrium Isotherm Testing For Liquid Phase Applications
Download Filmtec Membranes Reclaim Waste Water 86% Recovery in Singapore
Download Laboratorium Guide
Download Loading Procedure for Layered Bed Anion Resins
Download Operating Profiles for Ion Exchange Demineralizers
Download Particle Size Distribution
Download Powerful Chemical Processing Tools
Download Preventing Silica Fouling of Weak Base Anion Resins
Download Procedure for Acid Cleaning of Mixed Bed Resins
Download Proper Storage Conditions for Resins
Download Recommendations for Loading an Internally Regenerated Mixed Bed
Download Recommendations for Maximum Free Chlorine Limits
Download Regenerating Strong Acid Cation Resins with Sulfuric Acid
Download Removal of Oxygen and Chlorine from Water
Download Understanding Silica Removal by-Ion Exchange
Download UPCORE System
Download Using Selectivity Coefficients
Download Water Conditioning Manual
Download Ion Exchange Resins Water Solutions
Download Ion Exchange for Dummies
Download Ion Exchange Resins Fundamentals
Download Ion Exchange Resins Technical manual
Download Ion Exchange Resins Wear Out Guidelines
Download Ion Exchange Resins Practical Guidelines

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