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Water analyses

For a correct implementation of production processes companies have to perform water analyses of representative water samples regularly.

What needs to be analysed?

A number of parameters can be determined on site with conventional meters. Examples of such parameters are the acidity (pH), conductivity, temperature (degrees Celsius), redox potential, oxygen concentrations and flow (m3/h). However, selective measurements of specific ions, minerals and salts cannot be performed on site. To be able to measure these parameters, samples should be taken to the laboratory, to be analysed. For parameters that need to be determined during wastewater treatment, such as BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand), Nkj (Kjeldahl nitrogen), suspended solids, or heavy metals, samples also need to be analysed. For microbial processes that can cause contamination the number of colony forming units (CFU) has to be determined. Periodically one has to measure and register the microbial activity. Fungi, bacteria and viruses have to be measured separately, only the total number CFU does not suffice. An example of such a determination is the legionella analyses.

Lenntech can assist companies by taking samples and performing water analyses. We can also advice you which parameters you are able to determine single-handedly and which measuring-frequencies you need to maintain. Finally we can show you what the values of your parameters mean and which of the water purification steps and disinfection steps you may need to take to solve an occurring contamination problem.

Examples of branches and water processes that often require water analyses

- Wastewater - to determine and verificate the deposition value and deposition levies and to control the deposition of dangerous substances.
- Boiler feedwater - determination of the clarity, oxygen concentrations and silica concentrations of the feed water.
- Agricultural feedwater - determination of nutrients and microbial activity. Reuse and effectivity control of ozonators and uv disinfection units. Determination of the ion balances.
- Cooling water - determination of hardness, to be able to determine whether scaling prevention needs to be apllied. Legionella determination.
- Botteld water - determination of the composition of minerals and the number of CFU after botteling of the water that has been treated with ozone.
- Swimming pool water - determination of free, bound and dosed chlorine and chloramines and the effectivity of the applied uv-disinfection units and ozonators.

Results and presentation of water analyses

The report we will supply can consist of a single parameter of the sample that has been analysed, such as the presence of certain bacteria. It can also consist of a full reproduction in tables of all ions in ppm or ppb. Lenntech can also provide you with conclusions and recommendations considering the precautions you need to take when the results of the analyses are known, to be able to reach a proper water quality.

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