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Rohm and Haas ion exchange resins

 Ion Exchange Resins Amberjet & Amberlite

Strong Acid Anion Exchange

Food Application

Amberlite FPX66 Food Grade Absorbent resin
Amberlite-FPC22-H-L Strong Acid Cation Exchange resin
Amberlite-FPC23-H-L Strong Acid Cation Exchange resin
IMAC HP333 Weak Acid Cation Exchange resin
IMAC HP336 WeakAcid Cation Exchange resin
IMAC HP555 Strongly Base Anion Exchange resin
IMAC HP661 Weak Base Anion Exchange resin

Nuclear Application

IRN 77 (Replacing Dowex Monosphere 575C NG(H))
IRN 78 (Replacing Amberlite IRN 78E and Dowex Monosphere 550A LC NG(OH))
IRN 97 H (Replacing Dowex HCR-S NG(H))
IRN 99 (Replacing Dowex Monosphere 575C NG(H) and Monosphere 650HXC NG)
IRN150 (Replaced by Dowex MR-3 mixed)
IRN 217 (Replacing Dowex MR-5 LC NG)
IRN 9652(Replacing Dowex C-75 NG(H))
IRN 9882 Grade mixed Bed Resin

Special Removals

Amberlite PWA2 (perchlorate removal) Replaced by Dowex PSR 2
Amberlite PWA5 (Nitrate removal)
Amberlite PWA6 (perchlorate and nitrate removal)
Amberlite PWA7 (chromate removal properties)
Amberlite PWA8 (Uranium removal)
Amberlite PWA9 (NOM removal efficiency)
Amberlite PWA10 (Boron extraction)
Amberlite PWA12 (multiple contaminant removal)
Amberlite PWC14 (municipal water softening)
Amberlite PWA15 (Nitrate removal)
Amberlite IRA743 (Chelating resin)
Amberlite IRC747 (Chelating resin)
Amberlite XAAD4 (Industrial Grade Plolymeric Absorbent)
Amberlyst 15WET (Industrial Grade Strongly Acidic Catalyst)
Ambersep GT74 (Mercury remover)
Amberlyst A21 (phenol remover)

Chemical Process

Duolite GT73 Mercury removal
Amberlite IRC718 Heavy metal separation, (out of production) can be replaced by Amberlite IRC748


Amberjet 1200 Na replaced by Amberjet 1000Na or Dowex Marathon C)
Amberlite IR100 Na
Amberlite IR120 Na


Condensate Polishing

Amberjet 1600 (H)
Amberjet 2000 (H)
Amberjet 9000 (OH)
Amberjet 2000 (H)
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