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Thermax Chemical Division

Thermax Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers of a gamut of TULSION® brand Ion Exchange Resins for over 35 years. TULSION® is a premium brand and enjoys a global reputation in the field of water treatment and process application technologies, based on Ion exchange resins.

Chemical Division of Thermax Ltd is equipped with Modern Research facility & State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility comprising of diversely qualified professionals to provide customized solutions for your specific needs.

Apart from the Industrial water treatment applications like Softening, Dealkalization, Demineralisation we also have a wide range of Resins for Special applications including:
  • Purification-Separation-Recovery-Removal
  • Polymeric Adsorbent Resins
  • Polymeric Catalyst Resins
  • Ion Exchange Resins for Biotechnology
  • Chelating Resins for Metal Recovery
  • Resins for Ultra Pure Water
  • Resins for Customized applications

  Tulsion General Cataloque

Overview of Thermax Tulsion Resins

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