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Trisep Turboclean

Trisep TurboClean

Especially realized for most microbiologically sensitive applications. Microbiological growth can occur due to the brine seal which forms on the membrane surface, which tends to trap the bypass flow creating a dead space conductive for microorganism. This microbial growth can contaminate seals and even the membrane, contaminating the downstream products, decreasing operating performance and increasing the operating expense.
Trisep Turboclean is a suitable option to avoid this problem, allowing ultra cleaning operation.


In the membrane Trisep Turbo clean an outer shell contains and protects the spiral-wound element. The membrane elements fit inside the pressure vessel perfectly, eliminating the need for brine seals. The microbes are trapped in the outer mesh of the standard cage or net wrap. Dead spaces and stagnant areas are eliminated, reducing fouling and improving cleaning and sanitation.
The Turbo Action is due to the great turbulence of the by pass flow, which results in a constant scrubbing of the exterior of the membrane elements. The Turbo Clean hard outer shell protects the membrane from damage and provides high structural strength to the element to differential pressure loads. This results in a longer membrane life.


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratory
  • Dialysis
  • Biotechnology
  • Dairy processing
  • Beverage processing
  • Food processing
  • Semiconductors
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Power generation

Trisep Turbo Broschure

Trisep TurboClean Membranes for Beverages



Sanitary RO TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO
Sanitary Low Energy RO TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-LE
Sanitary Low Fouling RO TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-X20
Sanitary Cellulose Acetate RO TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-CA
Sanitary CA RO (1.139” tube) TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-CA-O
Sanitary Cellulose Acetate NF TurboClean® Bev 8040-NF-CA

TurboClean® Elements for High Purity Applications

TurboClean® HP 8340-RO-O TurboClean® HP 4040-RO-M
TurboClean® HP 8040-RO TurboClean® HP 4040-RO-F
TurboClean® HP 8040-X20 TurboClean® HP 4040-RO-LE-M
TurboClean® HP 4040-X20-M TurboClean® HP 4040-UF-M 

TurboClean® HP 4040-X20-F

TurboClean® HP 4040-UF-F

TurboClean® RO Elements for Process Applications

TurboClean® RO 8038-ACM2-31 TurboClean® RO 3840-ACM2-31
TurboClean® RO 8038-ACM2-46 TurboClean® RO 3838-ACM2-31
TurboClean® RO 8038-ACM2-80P TurboClean® RO 3838-ACM2-46

TurboClean® RO 6338-ACM2-31

TurboClean® RO 3838-ACM4-31

TurboClean® NF Elements for Process Applications

TurboClean® NF 8038-TS40-31 TurboClean® NF 3840-TS40-47P
TurboClean® NF 8038-TS40-46 TurboClean® NF 3840-XN45-47P
TurboClean® NF 8038-XN45-31 TurboClean® NF 3840-XN45-31
TurboClean® NF 8038-XN45-46 TurboClean® NF 3838-TS80-31
TurboClean® NF 6338-TS80-31 TurboClean® NF 3838-TS80-46
TurboClean® NF 6338-XN45-31 TurboClean® NF 3838-TS40-31
TurboClean® NF 3840-TS80-31 TurboClean® NF 3838-XN45-31
TurboClean® NF 3840-TS40-31 TurboClean® NF 3838-XN45-46 

TurboClean® NF 3840-XN45-31

TurboClean® NF 3838-XN45-47P

TurboClean® UF Elements for Process Applications

TurboClean® UF 8038-UA60-31 TurboClean® UF 6338-UE50-31
TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10-31 TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10-46
TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10-46 TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10-65
TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10-65 TurboClean® UF 3838-UF10-31
TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10-80 TurboClean® UF 3838-UA60-31

TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10-31

TurboClean® UF 3838-UF10-46

TurboClean® Elements for Beverage Processing

TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-X20

TurboClean® Bev 8340-RO-CA-O

TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO

TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-CA

TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-LE

TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-CA-O

TurboClean® Bev 8040-UF

TurboClean® Bev 8040-NF-CA

TurboClean® Elements for High Temperature Applications

TurboClean® High Temp RO-8040 TurboClean® High Temp XN45-8040

TurboClean® High Temp RO-3838

TurboClean® High Temp UA60-8040

TurboClean® Heat Sanitizable Elements

TurboClean® HP 8040-RO-HS TurboClean® HP 4040-UF-HS-F

TurboClean® HP 4040-RO-HS-M

TurboClean® NF 3838-TS40-HS-31

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