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Hydranautics Technical Bulletin Information

This is a technical information page of Hydranautics with the most important Technical Bulletins.

The information is including, how to use, to design and for maintenance the Hydranautics products.

In the Bulletins you can find links to the original Data-sheets for more details.


ESPA+ Energy Saving Membranes

CPA High Rejection Membranes

Comparison LFC1 membrane with X-20 membrane

Effects of High pH Cleaning - Salt Rejection Performance of LFC and CPA membranes

Design of use HYDRAcap  Hollow Fiber Module

LFC Low Fouling Composite Membrane Technology

HYDRACore Chlorine Tolerant Spiral Wound

Chlorination in RO Seawater Supply Lines, Pretreatment

Chemical Pretreatment for RO and NF

Boron Removal by Hydranautics Membranes

Optimizing Performance of ESPA4

Potential use of ClO2 as Disinfectant for Polyamide Membranes

RO/NF Polyamide Membrane Feedwater Requirements

SWC5 Seawater Membrane Low Energy and High Rejection

Membrane Start-up, Shutdown, and Preservative Flushing Guidelines

Ultrapure Membrane Elements

Element Loading Guidelines

How to dispose of used RO elements.

Brine Seal Replacement

Reverse Direction Cleaning of RO Membrane Elements

Criteria for Replacement of RO Membrane Elements

HYDRAcap  Storage Procedure

HYDRAcap  Module Installation Instructions and Rack Design

Integrity Testing for HYDRAcap  Module

Bubble Testing and Fiber Repair

Backwash Optimization for HYDRAcap  Systems by Qualitative Analysis

HYDRAcap  Module Assembly Procedure

Data Logging, Normalization and Performance Analysis for HYDRAcap Systems.

Procedure for Cleaning HYDRAcap  Module(s)


Commissioning Procedure for HYDRAcap 

HYDRAcap  Element Installation Instructions

RO Membrane Foulants and Removal from PDV Membranes


Foulants and Cleaning Procedures

Storage Procedures for Composite PDV Membranes

Vessel Shimming Procedure

Biocides for Disinfection and Storage of Hydranautics Membrane Elements

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