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There has been much publicity about the Legionella bacteria in the Netherlands and still there are new infection cases to light.
The legionella bacteria themselves are dead. Relatively simply These bacteria have the ability to nest in so-called host organisms. These may be free-living amoebae, but also a well-known host biofilmis.
The thermal treatment of legionella supplies a problem. Biofilm can not be removed easily thermally, making the total elimination of legionella oriented, treatment is often ineffective. Moreover, the costs for such a large treatment.

Since there exists no comprehensive disinfectant is essential. Problem-specific knowledge disinfection Lenntech offers various solutions for disinfection problems of cold and hot water systems. This also includes solutions for legionella and biofilm problems.
A relatively new disinfectant is one of the active components stabilized chlorine dioxide (SCD). This makes it very suitable for the application of cold and hot water. SCD after activation includes a biocide which unlike many other biocides assumes an oxidizing effect. This has a large number of advantages.
Firstly, SCD has the ability to penetrate layer. Into the biofilm It kills the bacteria and remove the biofilm layer present on piping and system components.
Secondly, stabilized chlorine dioxide not corrosive, is not pH or temperature dependent and is insensitive to the hardness of the water.
Thirdly SCD at use concentrations, However unlike many chlorine products, does not affect the taste or odor of the water.
The diversity of the product can be used as biofilm remover, biofilm prevention and as a disinfectant in various pathogenic organisms (including Legionella).

Lenntech supplies the special UV medium pressure technology, which means broad spectrum of UV-light afdoodt a wide range of organisms. The advantage is that this technique is easy to apply and also to address the normally very difficult pathogens like giardia and cryptosporidim afdood.
The disadvantage of this technique is that it has no residual activity and thus only as "end-of-pipe" technique can be used in this case. For small-scale disinfection, there are the cheap low pressure UV systems

Ozone is an oxidising agent which is put into water in gaseous form. The advantages of this medium are the strongly oxidizing and residual effect and the extended biocidal capability. The disadvantage is, however, that the application of this is relatively expensive for small-scale disinfection.

Treatment Example: Shower Water Treatment with Chlorine Dioxide


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