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Blue light

Viruses, bacteria, fungi or spores are an ever-present danger as they grow and multiply in water which is stored in air-conditioning systems, tanks, barrels or cisterns. They become a health risk when this water is used in factories or in the home.

UV radiation kills these germs and prevents them from spreading.

Bluelight Immersion Lamps are ready to use and can be quickly and simply installed. The immersion lamp together with a starter, sealed into a water-tight protective quartz tube and fitted with a 5 m log lead.
No separate cooling of the lamps is necessary as the low pressure lamps run at only around 40 degrees Celsius

Applications of the Blue light

Water Disinfection of Water, Rainwater, drinking water in containers, tanks, open streams, small wells and cisterns and prevention against algae
Air/Water zones Disinfection of water in air washers of air-conditioning systems, of air in water sprayed areas
Surfaces Disinfection of tanks before filling, protection against germ build-u[ on surfaces, e.g. on lacquers without solvents

Advantages of UV-light

  • Simple handling

  • Effective natural method

  • No chemicals are used

  • No heating of the medium to be disinfected

  • No build op of a resistance by the germs

  • Long service intervals, simple to clean

  • Minimal running costs due to the low power consumption

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