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Ozone / UV Application

The application of ozone and UV in the process water for a pharmaceutical company.

Lenntech has designed and delivered an ozone / UV installation for a pharmaceutical company. In this system softened water is disinfected and biofilm formation is prevented by the use of a duplex ozone system. The water is de-ozonised before the use in the proces by a quadruple UV system. The system is PLC controlled and the quality of environment and water is controlled via a variety of control systems.

To monitor the environment and water a variety of ozone and UV meters were installed.

UV system for de-ozonisation

The main ozone/uv process parameters are:

Flowrate 50 – 150 m3/hr
Buffer capacity 100 m3
Hardness < 1°G
Piping Stainless Steel
UV system 4 Medium pressure UV systems
Ozone system High concentration ceramic cell ozone generator

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