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OZONE Ambient Ozone Analyzer

Low cost ozone sensing

Lenntech offers a range of low-cost ozone sensing modules. The advantage of these compact ozone analysers is that at low cost the area around the ozone generator is continuously controlled against any ozone leakage and ozone concentrations. More expensive UV based ozone monitors are also in our program. We divide our instruments in the following categories:

Fixed monitors:

OS-1X: "Ozone Switch" that controls ozone generators by a 0-0.1 ppm set-point. 5 amp output relay. Lowest costs.

C-30ZX: A world standard. 0-0.14 ppm. With multicolor bargraph readout, audio alarm, output for data logger, and set-point relay contacts.

OS-3: Ozone monitor and controller for 0.5-10 ppm. Digital readout and data logging capabililty. 5 amp output relay.

Satellite: Generic gas monitoring instrument for the detection of a wide range of gases including ozone. Three alarm relays, graphic display and lots of functions. 0-1.00 ppm. Measuring principle chemical cell. Also available for the detection of other gases.

Battery powered, handheld instruments:

A-21ZX: Digital readout, pocket-size, with belt pouch, 0-10 ppm

AQL S200: Digital readout, replaceable sensor head, measurement ranges: 0.000-0.500 ppm, 0.50-20.00 ppm, 0.00-50.00 ppm.

Also capable of measuring volatile organic compounds (VOC's), ammonia and carbon monoxide (interchangeable sensor heads)

MSTox: Digital readout, Lo and Hi alarm, 0-1.00 ppm, measuring principle chemical cell. Also available for the detection of other gases.

EZ-1X: LED multicolor bargraph readout. Simple and low cost. 0-0.14 ppm.

UV based instruments:

Ambient ozone monitoring by means of the UV absorption method.
  • Multi channel option
  • Fail safe operation
  • Alarm / Relays
  • Thermostatically controlled UV lamp with control sensor for stability

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