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Odour removal

Ozone is increasingly being off gas odor treatment used in the field of food production: restaurant, food plant or canteen. Ozone is very efficient to treat grease off gas, steam from vegetable cooking (often 100 % saturated water) or odor. Indeed, The classical filters clog easily with the grease components and are inefficient against the saturated steam.

In order to find a technical alternative for the restaurants, canteens, casinos and food plant; Lenntech manufactured and developed a full-scale installation which uses ozone to treat the odors. To achieve it, ozone is mixed with the contaminated air and injected in the steams and odor from the kitchens or furnaces. There are some very important parameters to design the system like for instance the contact time between the ozone and the contaminants and the kind of pollution. The ozone treatment is based on the particles oxidation.

The food industry already uses the ozone: fruit and vegetable disinfections or wine furniture disinfections for instance. Please fell free to contact Lenntech to have additional information if you are interested in this new and innovative method.

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