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Ozone for industrial laundries by Eva Moneo

Did you know that ozone is used for laundry with high performance and cleaning efficiency?
Ozone is with no doubt more cost and energy efficient and environmentally friendly and safe than conventional laundry methods. No surprise the revolutionary Lenntech Ozone generators are progressively taking the lead in the market for laundry applications.

Discover how!!

What is ozone?

Ozone applications:
Ozone for drinking water treatment
Ozone for swimming pool water treatment
Ozone for cooling water treatment
Ozone disinfection power

Ozone Gas is composed of three oxygen atoms. It can be produced when energy (ex. electrical charge) breaks a stable molecule (O2) to two oxygen unstable atoms (O1). These two oxygen atoms alone seek stable O2 molecules and combine therefore to become Ozone (O3).

Ozone is a gas with no color, acrid odor and is a powerful oxidant. The molecule of ozone is unstable and tends to break again and that is why Ozone cannot be stored in any manner and thus must be generated in-situ with an ozone generator.

The power of ozone for industrial laundries

Saves hot water consumption
Normally laundry temperatures operations range from 60 to 75C. The use of ozone can potentially decrease this temperature to 30 to 35C and use cold water in following water cycles. This is because ozone leads to the production of oxygen which increases detergents potential in cleaning permitting to reduce the temperature. The reduce of hot water consumption will save costs of your hot water bill. Furthermore, it will less damage your clothes.

Reduces the use of chemicals
Detergents used for laundry are more effective than the normal dose when combined with ozone. This is because ozone permits a major penetration and cleaning effect of the detergents:
- The use of ozone is a potential oxidizing and disinfecting agent, thus it will reduce the use of chloride bleaching which damage fabrics.
- Alkali from detergent and bleach residue in the linen fibre elevate PH levels and therefore it is common to use chemicals to balance the PH. The use of ozone helps maintain neutral PH levels reducing the use of these substances.
- Traditionally, softeners are used to reduce static electricity. The use of ozone impede the formation of static electricity, thus eliminating the need for softeners. Furthermore, the amount of water to rinse out the detergent is reduced as well as the need of sewer services. It less damage the clothes and may increase the life time of the machines by the reduction on the need of harsh chemicals.

Powerful disinfectant
Almost any pathogen is afraid when ozone comes. Ozone is a biocide that can easily control odors, kill viruses and get rid of any bacteria up to a 99% in ozone laundry. That is why the application of ozone for laundry is widely spread out in hospitals and lab rooms.

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More efficient laundry operations
The use of ozone reduces the rinse cycle times. In addition, it reduces the drying time as ozone opens fibres of the clothes allowing more water to be removed in the extraction cycle. Ozone reduces the consumption of detergents, water and energy meaning a cut up to 50% in costs. The use of hot water reduces the need of ironing time and permits the washing of colour and non-colour fabrics at the same time.

High performance and less damage of clothes
The cleaning effects of ozone when combined with other detergents is higher and ozone is a powerful disinfectant, thus clothes are better cleaned and whiten that with other conventional methods. Furthermore, the life of clothes and less damage of linen is increased thanks to the reduction in the use of chemicals, rinse cycles and dryer cycle time in laundry operations.

Environmentally friendly and better working conditions
Better quality of outlet water injected in the sewage system (i.e. less residual pathogens, PH balance, less residual chemicals) and the reduction of water and energy consumption (i.e. less rinse and drying cycles) contributes to sustainable development.
Working conditions are less hard and safer (ex. less temperature operations and use of chemicals), thus employees feel more comfortable in their working environment.

Lenntech ozone generators for industrial laundries

Lenntech offers high quality performance generator systems for laundry use. It consists of an air compressor that feeds an oxygen concentrator. Indeed the oxygen concentrator is the source of gas to produce ozone. The ozone is produced in the ozone generator by means of an electric charge created through dielectric ceramic plates.

Ones the ozone has been produced, an inlet pump with venturi will generate a bubble flow to the drum washer permitting the ozone to be dissolved and efficiently perform its disinfectant role.

Our ozone generator systems can be used for high quantity capacity laundry machines. The initial investment will be recovered in one or two years by the reduction of up to 50% of the cost of energy and water consumption.

10 good reasons to use Lenntech ozone generators for industrial laundries

Save water consumption
save energy consumption
reduce the use of chemicals
save money
improve laundry operations (ex. Less temperature, less chemicals, less rinse and drying cycles)
improve cleaning power
reduce damage of fabrics
environmentally friendly
create a better working environment
satisfies clients

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