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Odour Control with Ozone Oxidation

Another very efficient technology for treating organic odours is applying advanced ozone oxidation.

The main advantage is that where other odour control systems have problems with high humidity the advanced ozone oxidation will be still able to effectively oxidise the odour compounds.

In spite of claims to be able to treat ammonia odors, ozone will not oxidize ammonia. However it will treat (disinfect or kill) micro-organisms that produce ammonia - which in this case is an added side-effect benefit (mostly in agricultural use).

The ozone for these type of applications can be generated through an Ecopure UV-based systems for smaller applications or through a high-concentration ozone generator controlled with ambient ozone measurement monitoring devices.

Continuous field testing and long-term implementation on various odourous substances with Oxidation alliance ozone centre systems have shown proven results.

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