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Seawater Reverse Osmosis Cost Analysis

  Production Flow   m3/h  
  Operation Time per Day   hours  
  Operation Time per Year   days  
  Energy Recovery Device (ERD) info
  Pre-treatment info
  Containerization info
  Amortization info years  
  Bank Interest Rate   %  
  Electricity Cost info Eur/kWh  
  Water Cost of Local Network info Eur/m3  


40 ft Containerized Seawater Reverse Osmosis System


Lenntech's Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Plant in Qatar



The results are estimated based on the design tool of Lenntech BV. These factors are spread throughout the period of amortization.

  Expenses as Usual info Eur/year  
  Capital Investment info Eur/year  
  Energy expenses info Eur/year  
  Savings info Eur/year  
  Payback Period info years  
  Total Savings info Eur  

Above values are estimated and can change according to different variables. No claims can be taken on those.

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