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Water recycling in the paper industry

Water reuse in the paper and cellulose industry

Because the increased environmental awareness and stringent legislation the paper and cellulose industry are forced to reduce their water consumption. Normally the wastewater from a paper plant is biologically treated, but the quality of the effluent may be good enough for disposal but it is not high enough for reuse as process water.
One method to clean the water is to use membrane filtration. The types of membrane filters that can be used are; Micro filtration (MF), Ultra filtration (UF) and Nano filtration (UF). There is some experience with a new type of membrane, the ceramic membrane. This membrane is used because it is easier to clean this filter with the backflushing principle compared to a carbon filter [1]. Back flushing is a process in which the permeate flow is reversed periodically. This flow reversal in most cases improves the flux by removing some of the foulants from the membrane surface and pores.
The pH of the water is also important. At acidic pH lower fluxes and more fouling were observed compared to neutral pH.

This can be explained by the lack of electro-static repulsion between the membrane and the solutes at acidic pH. At neutral pH electrostatic repulsion was established and thus the permeability was better maintained [2].
Another technique that can be used is the membrane bioreactor (MBR). This technique is among other things used for the treatment of the wastewater from the bleach process. The treated water can be reused as process water [3].

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