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Overview Water recycling applications in the industry

Overview water reuse in different industries

Water reuse in the paper industry

In the paper industry water can be recycled by means of membrane filtration and membrane bio reactors. (MBR)

Water reuse in the textile industry

For water recycling in the textile industry membrane filtration is a preferable option compared to other wastewater treatment techniques.

Water reuse in the poultry industry

By means of filtration and ozone disinfection, cooling water can be recycled.

Water reuse in the food and beverage industry

Water recycling using UV-disinfection and membrane filtration in the food and beverage industry.

Water disinfection and reuse in greenhouse horticulture

Water recycling and disinfection by means of heat treatment, sand filtration and ozone- and UV treatment.

Water treatment and reuse of oily wastewater

By means of membrane filtration and ozone/UV treatment, oil can be removed from wastewater.

Water savings and reuse for cooling processes in which surface and ground water is used

Cooling water savings by means of open recirculating cooling towers.

Water reuse for agricultural irrigation

The use of municipal wastewater effluent for agricultural applications

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