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Micro filtration System (MFS)

Membrane technology

Solid - liquid separation for pharmaceutical and food processing industries

A MFS is a compact, full automatically filtration system for separation of solid - liquid solutions.

The system works with a SS membrane. A thin layer of stabilization fluid is put on the membrane surface in favor of the separation. Which fluid for stabilization is used depends on the solid - liquid composition. The stabilization fluid makes it possible the filter till 0,1 micron. The solids will be split of from the fluid in the thin stabilized layer. The filtration process will be stopped when the filtered fluid flow drops below a preset level. The layer of stabilization fluid together with the solid will be dried and removed from the cylindrical SS membrane automatically. The machine will refill the thin layer after this cleaning process and the filtration can start again. The stabilization fluid can be or consist from: Cellulose, kiezelguhr, zeoliet, perliet or activated carbon.
Micro filtratie systeem met rvs membraan voor vast vloeistof scheiding
Micro Filtration System
with SS
A MFS is used to remove suspended particles from a hard to clean solution. MFS examples can be found in pharmaceutical, chemical and semi-conductor industries for:
  • Separation of catalysts
  • Separation of enzymes and yeasts
  • Clarifying of extraction fluids
  • Separation of glass cutting and metal particles from oil / fluid

MFS are also used in the process water and waste water treatment:

  • To re-use fluids used by tank / container cleaning
  • Clarifying of cleaning oils used in printing office and machine construction
  • Removal of toxic compounds in galvanic waste water
  • Removal of suspended particles from textile waste water
  • Pre-filtration for ultra filtration, nano filtration and reversed osmosis

Advantages from a MFS

  1. Dead-end micro filtration with shot regeneration times
  2. Doesn't use additional cleaning chemicals
  3. High flow throughput and dry concentrate
  4. Low operational costs
  5. Pressure <4 bar
  6. Full automatic
  7. Totally made from SS
  8. Sterile process possible

More information on filtration

MFS voor verwijdering van zwevende delen uit vloeistoffen
6 x Feed vs Permeate
Voorbeelden in de farmaceutische, chemische en semiconductor industrieconcentrates:

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