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Water Recycling

The re-use of process and waste water - water recycling - an interesting solution

1. Tap and well water

The cost of tap water is constantly increasing. One pays now on average 1 - 1,50 EURO per cubic meter (1000 liters). This is a 20 % increase from 1990. Upon that, when extracting groundwater, a levy of EURO 0,15 - 0,20 must be paid. In the Netherlands e.g., due to a drop in the ground water level, concessions are rarely granted for the extraction of ground water anymore. This has resulted in more and more drinking water companies having to use surface water for the preparation of drinking water and companies changing to water recycling. It is therefore expected that drinking water will soon double in price. In the countries neighboring the Netherlands, high water tariffs are already in use. (Germany: EURO 2, - per m3, Denmark: EURO 2,50 per m3)

2. Energy savings with the water recycling

Many industrial processes require the process water to be heated or cooled. Well water and tap water have an average temperature of 10 °C and 13 °C respectively. On average, every degree rise in temperature costs around EURO 0,05 per m3. Every degree lowered in temperature costs around EURO 0,07per m3. By re-using process water, the energy requirement demands are lowered and therefore savings can be made on your energy expenses.

3. Further cost savings when re-using process water

When preparing process water, certain elements are removed to increase the performance of the system (e.g. the removal of iron from well water and the softening of water by the removal of carbonates). Apart from the removal of unwanted elements, other substances are usually added to improve the water quality and promote the effectiveness of the process (e.g. nutrients for plants in a horticultural nursery). When this water is re-used, it is free of unwanted elements and already contains those elements that are needed by the process, therefore lowering costs.

4. Stricter demands on water usage

Stricter demands are being made on the quality of the water flowing through processes. Disinfection by means of environmentally friendly products is highly recommended. Lenntech does not use chemicals (like chlorine or hypochlorite) for disinfecting purposes. Instead, Lenntech applies ultraviolet light and ozone which is very effective, yet harmless for the environment.

5. The costs of wastewater

The cost of draining off wastewater has risen by 20% in the past 5 years. This cost is expected to rise even more. Some companies have therefore already placed pre-treatment units for treating wastewater. In many cases, post treatment of the water is also possible, therefore making it suitable for water recycling in the process. The effluent water can also undergo a less effective treatment and be used as cooling or cleaning water. When none of the reuse options are chosen, Lenntech provides alternative methods of treating the effluent before draining. In this way the drainage tariffs are lowered.

The reuse of water concerning the above five points can save your company a lot of expenses.

Lenntech, having specialized in the research and design of effective and viable water treatment systems, offers you the solution to your water recirculation problems.

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