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Ozon Injection techniques

Ozone gas can be injected in water in different ways. The two most used techniques are:

A venturi injects the ozone gas in the water via a vacuum. The advantages of a venturi are: the compact installation, possible high yield (up to 90%). In the picture below an example of a venturi system can be found. A side stream injection with pump is used.

A diffuser works under pressure. A diffuser creates a bubble column. The advantages are high yield, simple construction and advantagous for high flow rates (i.e drinking water systems). Disadvantages are the required surface area and the need of tall buildings to increase the efficiency.

Ozone in produced by ozone generators which are normally fed by oxygen concentrators. This ozone is then monitored in water by an ozone in water analyser. Ambient ozone is controlled by ozone sensors, these check if the ozone destructor works sufficiently.

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