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Ozone Generators

Ozone generator for water disinfection can be air or oxygen fed:

Feed gas Air Oxygen
Cooling fluid Air or water Wwater
Production range 4 g/h - 9 kg/h 5 g/h - 15 kg/h

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Energy consumption is less than 7 kW per kilo ozone produced.

Ozone generator for air purification:

Tip  Pacific Ozone Generators

OT Series

Air maid Series

Oxygen Concentrators

Air Dryers

Ozone Sensor

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The flat design makes the ozone generator very compact and low in weight.

There are three series of air purification generators, ranging from Series 3000 for home and office, to Series 7000 for heavy duty applications.

All models have built-in timer and output control. For automatic dosage control we can supply an external control unit for use with any model.

Ozone and UV in the process water for a pharmaceutical company.

Fish pond water treatment system in the Tivoli park, Copenhagen, Denmark

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