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Oxygen Generator Oxygen Concentrators and generators

Our oxygen concentrators (also called oxygen generator) are available in the range of 0,5 l/m to 158 l/m and can be purchased with or without compressor.

With these oxygen generators oxygen can be produced from ambient air. If compressed air is available the oxygen concentrator alone is sufficient.

  • Reliable Oxygen Production
  • Rugged, Environmentally Tolerant Design
  • Compact & Lightweight for Maximum Design Flexibility
  • Constant Pneumatic Impedance
  • Constant Delivery Pressure

  • No Maintenance Required
  • Low Capital and Operating Costs
  • Maximum Design Flexibility
  • Quiet Operation For Use In Any Location
  • Extended Compressor Life

Applications for these oxygen generators vary from fish farming to oxygen bars and oxygen enrichment chambers or feed gas for ozone generators.

Oxygen Bars

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