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Nocchi pumps


Pentair has over 90 years of experience in HVAC and fluid-handling expertise, and we bring this expertise to commercial properties around the world. Solutions include turbine pumps, condensate systems, split case pumps, in-line pumps, and complete pressure systems.

Pentair manufactures dependable submersible solids handling pumps for commercial wastewater applications.

Monobloc pump

Nocchi A2L-A4L
Nocchi A2LD-A4LD

Pressure unit

Nocchi Pressure Units Selection
Nocchi AutoJet
Nocchi AutoMax

Pressure booster

Nocchi A-HDR
Nocchi EasyBoost
Nocchi Pressomat
Nocchi Sensormat
Nocchi CPS20
Nocchi CPS3-20
Nocchi CPS3-30

Submersible pump

Nocchi Biox-XS
Nocchi Dominator 4
Nocchi Dominator 4 plus
Nocchi Dominator 5
Nocchi DHI
Nocchi DHR
Nocchi DPC
Nocchi DP
Nocchi DPV
Nocchi Drenox
Nocchi Minivort P
Nocchi Minivort PP
Nocchi Omnia
Nocchi Praktika
Nocchi Priox
Nocchi SCM 4 HF 400
Nocchi SMC 4 Plus
Nocchi Versailles

Centrifugal pump

Nocchi CB
Nocchi CM
Nocchi DHI
Nocchi DHR
Nocchi MCP
Nocchi MCX
Nocchi Mulinox VE
Nocchi Mulinox VE plus
Nocchi Multinox A
Nocchi Multinox XC
Nocchi NRB
Nocchi NRM

Self priming pumps

Nocchi Jetinox
Nocchi Jet
Nocchi Max
Nocchi Multinox A
Nocchi Swimmey

Control box

Nocchi ADRD
Nocchi ADRM
Nocchi ADRY
Nocchi AT
Nocchi CPS10
Nocchi CPS3-10
Nocchi Fluss Control
Nocchi Frequency Changer
Nocchi QES Plus

Motors for submersibles

Nocchi Motors 4" 6"

Pressure & Tanks

Nocchi Waterpress
Nocchi Waterpress Inox
Nocchi Waterpress Super Inox
Nocchi Waterpress Inox 50L
Nocchi Expansion Tanks


Nocchi Vacusystem


Nocchi General Cataloque
Nocchi pumps program

Overview Nocchi pumps A series

Overview Nocchi Centrifugal  pumps Series

Overview Nocchi Self Priming pumps

Overview Nocchi Submersible pumps

Overview Nocchi Pressure units

Overview Nocchi Waterpress

Overview Nocchi Tanks

Overview Nocchi Controls

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