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KSB Pumps

The KSB brand stands for excellent quality, expert consulting and maximum reliability.

Excellent quality means:

  • Long-lasting products using innovative technology to meet the very highest requirements in a wide range of applications
  • Professional and exemplary performance across the board as part of KSB’s commitment to business excellence

Expert consulting means:

  • Many years of experience with pumps, valves and related systems 
  • Continual broadening of knowledge through in-house research and development 
  • Application of that knowledge providing technical support to customers and supplying application-specific products and services

Maximum reliability means:

  • Long tradition and high degree of stability for long-lasting partnerships 
  • Products and services that meet the highest safety standards 
High Pressure Pump Multitec / Multitec-RO Multitec Flyer
Standard Chemical Pump MegaCPK
Standard Water Pump Etanorm
In line Pump Etaline / Etaline-R
Closed-coupled Pump Etachrom B
High-efficiency Drinking Water Pump Calio-Therm S
High-efficiency Circulator Pump Calio
Calio S
Submersible Motor Pump Amarex
Submersible Waste Water Pump Ama-Drainer N
Overview KSB Movitec
Overview KSB Multitec
Overview KSB MegaCPK
Overview KSB Etanorm
Overview KSB Etabloc
Overview KSB Etachrom
Overview KSB Etaline
Overview Calio
Overview Calio S
Overview Calio Therm S
Overview Amarex
Overview Ama-Porter
Overview Ama-Drainer N

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