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Ion exchange calculator

This calculator is under construction

This calculator helps you with the design of a ion exchange installation. The calculator is based on the following process:

The calculations are made using theoretical equations. As a consequence this calculator ONLY gives you an indication about the different parameters that are necessary to design an Ion Exchange water treatment installation.

Input fields marked with * are required to give good calculated values.

Feed Water
chemical element to remove *
concentration *
amount water to treat *
flow *
converted concentration

Column with

Ion Exchange


exchange capacity resin *
density resin *
volume resin in one column *
converted capacity resin
type resin you need
type regenerant
total exchange capacity needed
mass resin
volume resin
exchange capacity in one column
columns needed OR
regeneration after (water)
regeneration after (time)

You can send the values in the calculator to Lenntech to determine the best resin for your application. Please fill in the filed in the table Contact Information. You cannot send data if you don't give your name, country, Phone and Email.



Name *
Country *
Email *
Phone *

For every different application of water conditioning specific ion exchange resins (Rohm & Haas / Lanxess / Purolite) are available. Lenntech can advise you which is most appropriate.

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