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Bottled water

The treatment and purification of water that is meant for bottles and water coolers.

Water that has to be bottled should be purified and disinfected, so that it is free from contaminants and bacteria. In many cases spring water or tap water is used as a basic product. Usually the water is purified further before it will be bottled.

Tap water is cleaned by means of reverse osmosis and spring water is filtered in order to remove iron and manganese. In nearly any case the water will than undergo another environmentally friendly purification step, usually ozonation.

Disinfection is a very important purification step that has to be taken during storage and treatment of the water and during rinsing and filling of the bottles.

Lenntech can supply various bottled water companies with water treatment and purification systems, both in Holland and abroad.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We can also perform water analyses for you.

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