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Ammonium removal

Ammonium removal for drinking water applications

Challenge when using well-groundwater with regards to ammonium removal

Ammonium concentrations in groundwater aquifers have increased over the years due to several reasons with the most important the intensive use of fertilizers in agriculture. In many areas, these concentrations are impressively high compared to the World Health Organization’s standard which sets that ammonium concentration in drinking water should be less than 0.2mg/l.  Concentrations higher than this limitation could be harmful for humans and animals due to the conversion of ammonium to nitrate which is toxic for organisms.

Except from regular-used processes, like ion exchange, it is found that reverse osmosis desalination membranes can be applied to achieve surprisingly high ammonium removal from drinking water. This rejection can reach even the 97%, depending on the membrane that is used, the operational characteristics of the system as well as the quality of feed water.  Based on the water characteristics, RO membranes can be applied giving the advantage of removing not only ammonium but also a variety of dissolved solids, simultaneously. However, a challenge with this application is the inaccurate prediction by most of the calculation software that are used in the market and are available from the membrane manufacturers. This could lead to confusion and mistrust for this advanced technology.

Lenntech is here to help you.  We have an extended experience and a wide range of membrane technologies that can guarantee you the efficient ammonium removal from drinking water in a cost-efficient way. Our high qualified team, which includes civil, environmental, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers can provide you the best solution for your problem with ammonium, considering all the parameters that affect ammonium removal. Dealing daily with water purification issues of our clients from more than 140 countries worldwide makes us the ideal team to support you with the best service in terms of quality and availability.

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