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Combi-flow sand filter and ozone for swimming pool water treatment

In Europe sand filtration is commonly applied for the removal of suspended particles from swimming pool water. The following parts are critical:

  • The quality of the filtrate
  • The filter cycle period
  • The water consumption for rinsing
  • The energy used for filtration
  • The costs of filters
  • The sizes of filters
  • Handling comfort
  • Possibility for computerization / automation
  • Can it be combined with other units

COMBI-FLOW sand filter

There are different types of sand filters to comply with these conditions. We recommend the closed sand filter SS (AISI 316L) BiFlow quick sand filter.

The BiFlow quick sand filter is made of SS 316L and has a filtration speed above 25 m/h and a minimum amount of appendages. This combination will give the best solution for your water treatment

Ozone in Swimming pools

Next to chloride for disinfection and oxidation of swimming pool water, ozone can be applied. In general there are two ways of ozone application

  • dosing ozone to the full stream of water
  • dosing ozone to a side stream

De effectiveness and consuming of ozone depends on the concentration of ozone and the contact time. It will give a better result to treat 50% of your water stream with a concentration of 1,0 gram/m3 ozone than 100% of your water stream with a concentration of 0,5 gram/m3 ozone.

If you use ozone dosing for the treatment of swimming pool water, it will improve the quality of your water but you can also save on chemical cost and refill water. And if you have less refill water you can also save energy on heating. Inside the swimming pool your reduce the typical odor of chloride which improve the comfort of your customers.

Due to new developments we can offer a full system with ozone dosing integrated into BiFlow quick sand filter. This total water treatment unit is provided fully equipped with pumps, heat exchange units, and the necessary appendages.
For more information please feel free to contact a Lenntech consultant.

Swimming pool water can also be treated with UV systems

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