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Iron removal of irrigation water

If water with high iron concentrations is used for irrigation on fields or other agriculture applications, an iron removal system is useful. Iron ions have the quality to react with the oxygen in the air. Two problems are joined with the reaction. The color of the water changes to red-brown. It doesn’t matter because the color is not poison, but it just the first step of the reaction. On the second step the very small iron particles conglomerate, and makes a non-soluable precipitation. This can clog the system of the pump, tubes and pipes.

To work against these problems, a iron removal unit helps. In this unit the iron ions will be precipitated and after that filtrated by a sand filter.

If you are interested in more detailed information about sand filter and ion removal, please use the links to visit our special web pages about sand filter and deironisation.

irrigation in greenhouses

Disinfection of irrigation water

In circulating water systems, e.g. used in greenhouses, water can carry bacteria and germs very easily from one plant to another. That can be dangerous for the whole culture. Infections can move inside of the water and contaminate other different cultures. Disinfection is used in various ways.

You can disinfect the water by UV or also with ozone, depending on the concentrations of bacteria and germs, but also depending on the water. Particles and ions can disturb the disinfections process. For more information, please visit our special web pages about UV- and ozone disinfection.

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