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Bag Filter

Bag filter

A Bagfilter works by the principle of microfiltration. The liquid is purified in bags by passing small permeable pores. Bagfilters can be used for large amounts of water.

The sizes of these pores are between the 1-200 micron

The capacity depends on the surface area from the bags. Bigger systems can clean up to more than 500 m3 /h (multi bagfilters)

There are special bags for various chemicals


The liquid flows from the top of the filter house (manufactured in either stainless or epoxy coated carbon steel) and is distributed equally amongst the bags. The liquid comes out at the bottom leaving the dirt behind.

Since the bag is locked in at the top of the vessel all the dirt is trapped inside the bag. The filter vessel never requires cleaning after use.

Bagfilters systems are applied is various industries solutions. Treated liquids include: milkproducts, paint, lime, beer etc.

Lenntech can also help you with replacement from various filterbags.

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