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Partial Flow Filtration

Many of piping cooling and heating processes suffer from corrosion with the use of drinking and process water in loops. This is as a result of the use of various types of metal such as stainless steel (stainless steel), carbon steel, copper, and aluminum.

Lenntech recommends partial flow filters to capture and remove tiny floating material. These filters are designed to filter continuously the water system of heating and cooling systems, for example, of building installations and iron particles (iron oxide (rust), magnetite) and to remove sludge. The filtration units consist of a 316 stainless steel housing with interchangeable pockets. These bags are available in mesh sizes from 1 to 100μm. As an option there can be placed a magnetic insert for the capture of very small magnetic particles. With a variable speed pump ensures a constant flow over the filter, even with increasing pressure drop when the filter becomes contaminated.

Lenntech can help you with your filtration skid for various capacities. Additional instrumentation and switch / control boxes are available on request

For questions or interest in filtration skids, please contact Lenntech . Info@lenntech.com       

Partial filter, capacity 10m3/uur

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