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Snap-ring holder for Bag Filter

Adapter Head and Basket

A easily installed gravity or other open filtering setup and micron rated synthetic fiber felt filter bags with a ring (=Snap ring) on top.

Adapter heads are available in 316 SS and polypropylene with 1.5" connection. No support basket is required for pressures to 0.7 bar (or gravity fed systems).
Above that, to 1.4 bar maximum, a basket support is recommended.

  • May be used in a open gravity system
  • Solids are contained in the bag for practical disposal; changeover takes a few seconds
  • High solids collection capacity, high throughput rates, long operating cycles
  • Bags are combustible for total incineration
  • Available in micron sizes from 5 to 200 microns

Click here for a comparison between bag filters and cartridge filters.

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