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Cooling tower water

What is a cooling tower?

A cooling tower is an installation that retreats heat from water by evaporation or conduction.
The industries use cooling water in various processes. As a result, there are also various types of cooling towers. There are cooling towers that create process water that can only be used once, before it is discharged. There are also cooling towers that create water that can be reintoduced in the production process.
When water is reused, it is pumped through the installation into the cooling tower. After the water is cooled, it is reintroduced into the production process. Water that needs to be cooled usually has a temperature of between 40 and 60°C.
The water is pumped to the top of the cooling tower and will than flow down through plastic or wooden shells. This causes drop formation. While flowing down, the water emits heat which mixes with the above air flow, causing it to cool down 10 to 20 ˚C.
Part of the water evaporates, causing it to emit more heat. Water vapor can sometimes be observed over the cooling tower.
To create an upward airflow, some cooling towers contain blades in the top, which are similar to ventilator blades. These blades cause an upward air flow inside the cooling tower. The water falls down into a basin and will be brought back into the production process from there.
There are open and closed cooling tower systems. When a system is closed, the water does not come in contact with outside air. This causes pollution of cooling tower water by air pollutants and microorganisms to be insignificant. Also, microorganisms that are present in cooling tower water cannot end up in outside air. When a cooling tower is an open system, this phenomenon may occur.

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