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Tap water

Before being carried by the water distribution system and reaching our tap, water is purified using various techniques. These processes ensure a low level of micro organisms. Water is often check by health authorities. Daily controls are carried out on tap water quality: this monitoring is a safety guarantee for our health. With a simple phone call to the local water company you can get the following parameters:

  1. hardness

  2. fixed residue

  3. number of wells feeding the water system or water origin

  4. frequency and kind of controls on individuals wells and on samples from the water network

  5. possible application of chlorine, ozone, UV o other

  6. oxidation per mg

  7. conductivity (in mS/cm2)

  8. pH

  9. possible levels of nitrate etc, if present.

To obtain a written analytical analysis it is necessary to send a written request. Some municipalities enclose it to the water bill periodically, to reinsure citizens on the quality of their drinking water and on the frequency of controls, that are quite often and severe.
The Decree 236 of May 1988 states the quality requirements for water meant for human consumption, as ward ship of public health and for improvement of life style.
Paradoxically, the law imposes a complete analysis every 5 years to the producers of bottled water. It imposes some periodical partial controls as well, but these controls can be decided by the producer.

For further information on water purification steps click here. Click on our drinking water FAQ.

Household water treatment systems

For some years small plants to be installed in houses for the production of treated and perfectly mineralised water from tap water have been proposed on the market.
The benefits of these systems come from the fact that they use neither chemicals, nor ozone and UV, which tends to destroy and enrich water. These systems use physical processes such as reverse osmosis and filtration. These systems allow to reach a high physical purification, optimising and balancing the amount of minerals that should be present in the water we drink.
The treated water is usually delivered only in one point, i.e. kitchen tap.
The replacement of bottle water with water purified using these systems allows an economical benefit due to money saving from bottle water and an environmental benefit, due to waste and transportation reduction.

Lenntech can offer you one of these systems for purification/ mineralization of tap water.
For further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Spilled water
It is a reality already diffused in many countries: at the restaurant certified water is served in a jug. The water is certified because it is spilled from a treated tap. The distribution of spilled water will soon involve the large distribution as well, so that we will be able to find dispensers and suppliers of natural softened water, sparkly water or low sparkling water. You can use the same tank and replenish it again, with high environmental and economical benefits (reduction in waste and transport).

Source: "Acqua buona, Acqua sana", Gudrun dalla Via, Ed. Il Punto d'incontro, 2003

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