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Sand filtration - natural filtration

The sand filtration is often used when a reliable system is desired. The filter is to remove able aufgeschwämmte particles from the water. It consists of several layers of sand, which differ in particle size and density.
The filters vary in size and material, and can be delivered completely automatically depending on the equipment, semi- or
Applications for sand filter:

· Pre-treatment of cooling water

· Treatment of waste water

· Drinking water production

· Swimming Pool Filtration

· Pre-filtration (as in membrane systems)

· Filtration of rainwater and surface water

One particular application for sand filter is the iron removal from groundwater and surface gen. Industrial water. A plant consists of a ventilation chamber in which, settle iron and / or manganese by oxidation as oxides. This precipitate is then removed by the sand filter from the water.

If the capacity of the filter cartridge, the water flow is reversed and the dirt from the sand filter rinsed in an appropriate tank, where the rainfall can Vedas disposed after drying.

The time needed for cleaning the system, depends on the pressure drop across the filter, the volume of the filter and the nature of the particles.

Sand filters can be used on a small scale in the private, but also used for industrial processes

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