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Mixed bed Ion exchange Demineralization polishing plants

Regenerable mixed bed plant

Lenntech engineers design and build tailor-made mixed bed polishing plants after Reverse Osmosis or Ion Exchange demi plants to produce demi-water below 0,1 uS/cm.

Ultra-pure water resin polishers also available on request.

Design data:

Water TDS max. 10 ppm
Demi water quality < 0,1 uS/cm
Silica < 0,02 ppm
Recovery at 10 ppm TDS 99%

Our Ion Exchange plants include:

- Feed pump (optional)
- Mixed Bed column
- Conductivity probe
- Electrical valves and fittings
- Control panel

For regenerable mixed bed, the regeneration station includes:
- Acid dosing station
- Caustic dosing station
- Dilution pump

Ion exchange plants

IX demineralisation plants

Ion exchange resin

Mixed Bed resins

Regeneration is performed on conductivity signal or water volume

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