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Emergency seawater desalination units

Emergency seawater desalination units 2000L/h

Emergency seawater desalination unitsIn case of natural disaster or war, well water or surface water can be quickly contaminated by human wastes. Seawater becomes the safest solution.

When seawater is available it provides the safest and most reliable water source compared to surface or underground water

  • Less risk of cross contamination from destroyed sewage pipes, dead bodies
  • Endless water availability
  • Easy to find water source
  • Easy waste disposal: brine goes back to sea
  • Less concentrated effluent due to lower process recovery

Lenntech has designed ready-to-use skid mounted desalination plants that can produce up to 2 m3/h of drinking water according to WHO standards.

Our systems are manually to fasten the start up and ease operation


  • Seawater resistant self priming feed pump with intake strainer
  • Multi-media filtration at low velocity with manual multi valve
  • 5-micron police cartridge filter
  • High pressure pump
  • High quality seawater RO membranes (Filmtec or Hydranautics)
  • Manual Cleaning In Place (CIP) station
Treated water  quality < 450 ppm TDS
pH 7
0,5 ppm Cl2


Quality control:

All units are tested according to ISO quality control

Flow Diagram:

Emergency seawater desalination units

Technical Specifications:



Power requirements

15 kW

Feed pump

Self priming with prefiltration strainer

Sea water resistant material

Discharge pressure: 2.5 bar


Dosatron FeCl3


Sand filter

10 m3/h.m2

High pressure pump

Piston pump

Stainless steel

60 bar discharge pressure

Reverse Osmosis membranes

3x SW4C max


Dosatron NaDCC

0.5 mg/L Cl2


Half symmetrical Guillemin


2x12m hoses


2.2 H x1.2 W x1.1 D


300 kg


Consumables for 1 yr

200 kg Coagulant

20 kg Flocculant

20 kg NaDCC 55% Cl2

1 box of 30x5-micron cartridges

Tools / spare parts

Buckets 25L

Pump repair kit

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