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Emergency potabilisation units

Emergency potabilisation units 2000L/h

filter system for emergency resonce unitLenntech has designed ready-to-use skid mounted water potabilisation units that can produce up to 2 m3/h of drinking water according to WHO standards. Our systems are manually to fasten the start up and ease operation


  • Self priming feed pump with intake strainer
  • Coagulation/ flocculation
  • Roughing filter with gravels to improve flocculation and remove coarser solids
  • Advanced filtration media filter with crushed glass to remove finer particles and bacteria
  • Activated carbon filter to remove smell, taste and color
  • Microfiltration with silver for disinfection
  • Chlorination with chlorine tablets
Treated water  quality < 1 NTU

Quality control:

All units are tested according to ISO quality control

Flow Diagram:

Flow diagram

Technical specifications:



Power requirements

3 kW

Feed pump

Self priming with prefiltration strainer

Discharge pressure: 2.5 bar


Dosatron FeCl3


Dosatron PE anionic

Filter 1

Roughing filter with gravels

10 m3/h.m2

Filter 2

Advanced filtration media made of crushed glass

10 m3/h.m2

Filter 3

Activated carbon

12 min contact time

Polishing step

0.3 micron silver candles


Dosatron NaDCC

0.5 mg/L Cl2




2.2 H x1.2 W x1.1 H


300 kg

Consumables for 1 yr

200 kg Coagulant

20 kg Flocculant

20 kg NaDCC 55% Cl2

1 box of 12 silver cartridges

Tools / spare parts

Buckets 25L

Pump repair kit

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