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Dirt holding capacity (DHC) of filters

Dirt holding capacity of filters in liquid filtration

Definition of dirt holding capacity:

The quantity of contaminant a filter element can trap and hold before the maximum allowable back pressure or delta P level is reached.

Values for filters:

Sand filtration: 3 to 6 kg of suspended solids (SS) for m2 of filter surface

Anthracite: 7-10 kg of SS for m2

Bag filter: 2 kg of SS for size 1 (810 x 430 mm)

Drum filter and Disc filter: 0.8 kg of SS for m2

Cartridge filter: 0.45 kg for 10 inch cartridge 100 mm retention rating
0.15 kg for 10 inch cartridge 15 mm retention rating
0.54 kg/m2 for 3M Cartridge
0.48 kg/m2 for string wound cartridge
0.19 kg/m2 for pleated cartridge

The following picture show data for the DHC of fine test dust by different media. The data are shown on semi-log coordinates since the relative DHC of nano alumina medium is so great that the data for meltblown and membrane media would not be discernible. The data demonstrate that the nano alumina medium is capable of extraordinary capacity for adsorbing particles while achieving high retention efficiency. The filter achieves such performance at a water flux equivalent to or greater than other filter media intended for filtering sub-micron particles.

Dirt holding capacity vs. pore size ratings

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